Mobile Boarding Pass

The mobile boarding pass can be obtained electronically and stored on a mobile device or accessed from the device.

What does a Mobile Boarding Pass look like?

A Mobile boarding pass has two parts:

  • flight and passenger information in plain text
  • a 2D barcode containing the flight and passenger information

How does a Mobile Boarding Pass work?

After completing check-in the passenger chooses how to get the boarding pass.

Originally, there were three methods in use:

  • downloaded the pass directly to a mobile
  • access the pass on a webpage from a mobile
  • download the pass from a link in an email or SMS

Now the most popular method is to simply have the mobile boarding pass on the mobile device, either stored on the device or accessed by an app.


This is an excellent example of a mobile boarding pass.

The passenger details and the 2D barcode are clearly seen on the display.

The trouble with Mobile Boarding Pass…

Although around for some years, mobile boarding passes still have some potential problems, including:

  • a flat battery is a real possibility
  • there could be problems with the mobile signal
  • where a BCBP is saved on the device, can the passenger find it?
  • can only be used at airports that can read the mobile barcode
  • boarding could be help up by passengers using their device at the gate
  • all the barcode has to be seen and the screen brightness has to be high