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Common Bag Drop

Passengers can hand over bags at any bag drop instead of going to a specific airline.

What does a Common Bag Drop look like?

It looks just like a traditional check-in desk

How does Common Bag Drop work?

The agent scans the 2D bar code and the passenger check-in details are brought up on the agent screen.

The passenger checks in online, by mobile or at a kiosk. The ideal situation is that they take any bags to be checked to any Bag Drop desk. In practice, they will most likely be able to take the bags to any member of the alliance the airline is part of. Another likely scenario is that a Ground Service Provider will have a Common Bag Drop for all carriers handled by them.

There will be different types of Common Bag Drop, just like dedicated Bag Drop.

Go to Bag Drop desk
Passengers take baggage to a desk where an agent issues and applies the bagtags.

Self tag baggage at a kiosk and then go to a Bag Drop desk
Passengers use a kiosk to print any bagtags, apply them themselves and then take the baggage to an agent at a Bag Drop desk.

Self tag bags at a kiosk with integrated baggage drop
Passengers use a kiosk to print any bagtags, apply them themselves and then the baggage is taken away directly via the conveyor belt next to the kiosk.

Why use Common Bag Drop?

  • simpler as they can go to any bag drop
  • save time as they do not have to search for a specific airline
  • cut costs as shared services can reduce staff and equipment costs
  • shared facilities should save space and so provide the opportunity to redefine the check-in area to give a better experience for passengers and offer opportunities for enhanced revenue

The trouble with Common Bag Drop…

  • So far there are very few installations anywhere in the world
  • It can be a difficult process to implement.

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