Kiosk Print Boarding Pass

Kiosk print boarding pass

Boarding passes can be obtained at self-service kiosks no matter how passengers have checked-in.

What does a Kiosk Print Boarding Pass look like?

A boarding pass printed at a kiosk is almost the same as the traditional ATB pass issued for many years. In almost all cases there will be a 2D bar code.

How does Kiosk Print Boarding Pass work?

There are a number of ways that passengers can get boarding passes at kiosks:

  • check-in at the kiosk and then print the boarding pass
  • check-in online and just use the kiosk to print the boarding pass
  • use mobile check-in and print a boarding pass at the kiosk
  • print a paper pass as a backup to a mobile pass

Why use Kiosk Print Boarding Pass?

  • no worry that airport security will reject the boarding pass
  • save money as the airline pays for the boarding pass print
  • no need to remember where the self printed or mobile pass is
  • cut costs by issuing plain paper passes at the kiosk
  • better customer service as passengers with self printed or mobile passes will not be rejected by security
  • more reliable than home printed or mobile boarding passes
  • less problems at security

The trouble with Kiosk Print Boarding Pass…

  • The airline or airport bears the cost of printing the paper pass at the kiosk. Many airports still print ATB boarding passes and they are expensive.
  • Airlines may see this as yet another opportunity to achieve ancillary revenue by charging to print the boarding pass at the kiosk. For example, Ryanair¬†charge UK 40 to print a boarding pass at the airport.

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