Off Airport Check-in

Off airport check-in

Passengers check-in and drop bags at a location like a hotel. The checked bags are transported securely to the airport where they are accepted into the airline baggage systems, screened with the other baggage, sorted and routed to the correct flight.

How does Off Airport Check-in work?

This is probably best explained by giving different scenarios.

Scenario 1:

A passenger is leaving their Manhattan hotel at 0700 and has a flight departing EWR at 2000. By checking-in at the hotel and dropping off any baggage the passenger is free to spend the day as they please, travel to the airport with hand luggage only and proceed to security knowing that their bag will be delivered to the flight and will be on the carousel at the arrival airport.

Step 1:

The passenger checks in online or at the hotel using a CUSS kiosk.

Step 2:

They drop their bags with the approved company at the hotel.

Step 3:

The approved company transports the baggage to the airport in a secure manner.

Step 4:

The baggage is screened at the airport as normal and transported to the aircraft.

Step 5:

The passenger enjoys the rest of their time baggage free and on arrival at the airport they head straight to security.


Jet2holidays now offers off airport check-in at a large number of hotels and resorts in southern Europe.  Free Resort Flight Check-In is available from resorts at Costa Blanca, Majorca, Tenerife, Costa Del Sol, Lanzarote and Cyprus. Here is a short video showing how it works.

Scenario 2:

A passenger returns a rental car to the company at the airport location and then checks-in at a CUSS kiosk at the rental return.

Step 1:

The passenger checks in at a CUSS kiosk.

Step 2:

The passenger prints the boarding pass and any baggage tags and tags the bags.

Step 3:

The baggage is carried on conveyor belts from the kiosk to baggage collection points and then taken to screening facilities.

Step 4:

The baggage is screened, sent to the sorting system and delivered to the aircraft.

Why use Off Airport Check-in?

  • more control as they can check-in where and when it is convenient for them
  • convenience as they can travel to the airport with hand baggage only
  • cut costs by using less desks and staff
  • reduced check-in volume at the airport means faster and more efficient throughput
  • lessen the need to build as off airport effectively extends the airport
  • more secure check-in areas as there are less bags waiting to be screened in the passenger terminal
  • peak baggage hours are evened out over the day

The trouble with Off Airport Check-in…

Off airport check-in is used very successfully in a number of locations. There are a number of issues of concern, including:

  • security of the baggage
  • costs to the passenger
  • cut off times for passengers with bags
  • problems getting to the airport (bags and people)

To make this work many entities have to work together, including airlines, airports, technology providers, trucking and bus companies, regulatory bodies, hotels etc.

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