Transfer Kiosk

Transfer kiosk

Transfer kiosks can provide all the services currently delivered by transfer desks. This is important as transfer passengers can be substantial numbers.

What does a Transfer Kiosk look like?

Transfer kiosks are very similar to normal kiosks, possibly a little smaller. There is no need to print bag tags or weigh bags so there is less hardware in the kiosk.

How does a Transfer Kiosk work?

The passenger gets an update of their boarding time, departure time and gate. They can change seats, check-in for other flights and do all that they need.

If the inbound flight has meant they have missed the connection they can be offered alternative flights and check-in and get boarding passes for those flights.

Coupons for drinks, meals and so on can be automatically issued by the kiosk.

Passengers can look up their booking in a number of ways, including

  • scan the BCBP on their boarding pass
  • swipe passport, ID, ATB, FQTV card or credit card
  • input eticket number, booking reference or FQTV number

Why use a Transfer Kiosk?

  • faster than queuing at a transfer desk
  • can choose their own language
  • do things at their own speed
  • cut costs by using less staff
  • do not have to have so many multi lingual staff
  • still have personal service for premium passengers
  • save space as airlines should need less desk space

The trouble with Transfer Kiosks?

So far only a small number of airports offer this potentially excellent facility.

It can be seen as a barrier to speaking with airline staff.


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