Self bag tag introduced at Billund (BLL)

Unisys announced that it has successfully implemented one of the world’s first home-printed bag tag solutions at Billund Airport in Denmark, to help streamline the check-in process for international passengers.

Unisys has decades of experience providing systems and solutions to the airport and aviation industry and have always been one of the leaders in airline check-in and reservations sytems.

The company has worked with Billund Airport over a three-month period to develop and design a bag tag that, like a boarding pass, travellers are able to print at home or the office before they travel to the airport.

During the web check-in process, passengers are asked if they have any bags to check-in and if they want to print the bag tags. They can print tags for up to nine bags.The bag tag numbers are added to the boarding pass so bags can be tracked if missing.  The passenger then prints the boarding pass and tags. They fold the A4 sized bag tag to fit into a reusable plastic bag tag holder provided by the airport.

At the airport passengers drop off their luggage at a dedicated for passengers who have printed their boarding passes and bag tags.

In 2007 Unisys was engaged as the prime contractor and systems integrator for a passenger facilitation solution intended to streamline the passenger check-in processes at Billund Airport. The home-printed bag tag is the newest project introduced by the company under this programme, including an Internet check-in application and local check-in assistant system.

The press release did not say which airlines are involved.

A variety of airlines operate at Billund, including Air Baltic, Atlantic Airways, British Airways (operated by Sun Air), KLM, Lufthansa and Ryanair.

The airport website does say that BA and KLM passengers cannot print bagtags at the self-service kiosks in the airport.

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