Self-service bag drop live in Stockholm and Helsinki

Self-service Bag Drop from DSG systems
Self-service BagDrop from DSG systems

Self-service bag drop will help ensure that departures will now be smoother at Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) Airport and Helsinki Vantaa (Hel).

As a result of a new, time-saving self-service bag drop solution passengers will be able to drop baggage by themselves.

Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) and Helsinki Vantaa (Hel) airports have implemented a self-service bag drop system from the Norwegian company DSG Systems.

To use the self-service bag drop system:

  • passengers print the bagtag at a kiosk and attach the bagtag to the bag
  • they go to the Bagdrop counter for the airline they are flying with and place their bag on the conveyor belt
  • they scan the baggage tag and follow the instructions on the screen

The check-in kiosks are located in the terminal and at the parking facilities. Also at a growing number of train stations in the region, meaning passengers can print their baggage tags before arriving at the airport.

Self-service bag drop is a fine new facility which is a step forward toward reducing the time spent in lines at the airport.

It looks like it is not a common use system as the passenger has to take the baggage to the airline they are flying with.

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