Editorial policy

As a news-reporting organization, PassengerSelfService believes in the journalistic standards of openness, fairness and transparency.

We do not solicit or accept payment for editorial content submissions under any circumstances.

Our editorial staff and freelance reporters who write news stories, analysis and commentary do not have an investment or other financial interest in the subjects of those articles. Any conflict of interest between one of our writers and news subjects is disclosed as part of the published article.

A full disclosure is also noted in any article when an author’s travel and accommodation was resourced by a third party organisation.

Commercial policy

As a commercial organization, we accept advertising in the form of paid banner ads, text ads and online/live event sponsors.

We also continuously explore other new media commercial opportunities that support our news, information and business services comprising our web, mobile and in-person marketing platform.

Members of our commercial team do not report or write news articles, but they may write for our company blog and provide analysis or commentary.

Any conflict of interest between a member of our commercial team and the subject of a news or other article is disclosed as part of the published article.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our ethics statement.