Online Check-in

Online check-in

Home. Office. Starbucks. Big Mac. Passengers can check-in online from anywhere with internet access, helping them to progress faster through the airport.

How does Online Check-in work?

In general the process has four steps:

Step 1: Go to the airline web site and access online check-in.

Choose a language.

Step 2: Find the booking.

The booking can be found by inputting the record locator (PNR), frequent traveller card or number, or flight and name details.

Step 3: Check-in and add personal details.

Choose an available seat from the interactive seat plan or accept the one suggested. Then add any missing personal details like APIS and frequent traveller numbers and finally complete the check-in.

Step 4: Obtain boarding pass.

The boarding pass can be obtained in either paper or electronic format.

  • Paper formats are self print, saved to a PC after online check-in, or email, fax, print at a kiosk or bag drop
  • Electronic formats are saved to a mobile device or accessed by a link from a mobile device

More about Boarding Pass


Passengers without bags can proceed straight to security if they have a boarding pass.

Passengers with baggage can have several alternatives:

  • go to a Bag Drop desk
  • go to a Common Bag Drop desk
  • self tag baggage at a kiosk and then go to a bag drop desk
  • self tag bags at a kiosk with integrated baggage drop

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Why use Online Check-in?

  • more personal control as they can see the aircraft layout and chose an available seat
  • save time as it can mean less queuing time at the airport
  • confident of the accuracy of their details as they input them themselves
  • cut costs as they will need less desk space and staff
  • low development and operating costs
  • easy to introduce new features
  • save space as airlines should need less desk space
  • more retail opportunities and better customer facilities by making better use of the free desk space
  • possible to postpone the need to build extra terminal space

The trouble with Online Check-in…

The main problem is that many people do not have access to the internet at home.

There are difficulties using IATCI (Inter Airline Thru Check-in).

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