2nd American Airlines medical emergency

Second emergency in two days with passenger and crew illness

For the second time in two days, an American Airlines 777-200 made an emergency landing after passengers and crew fell ill.

Flight AA 904, which left Rio de Janeiro at 2216 on 28 January heading for Miami, was diverted to Brasilia after four people – including three members of staff – complained of lightheadedness.

The aircraft landed safely at Brasilia at 12.37am and was met by paramedics who evaluated the passenger and crew members.

The emergency landing happened the day after American Airlines flight AA 109, a 777-300ER, from Heathrow to Los Angeles returned to Heathrow Airport after around 15 crew and passengers on board fell ill.

Although the two grounded flights involved air planes of similar models, airline officials said they ‘do not want to speculate on whether [the two incidents] are linked’ until investigations have been completed.

AA 904, leaving Rio was a Boeing 777-200 and carried 203 passengers and 14 crew.

AA 109, leaving Heathrow was a Boeing 777-300ER


The captain on the flight from London to Los Angeles made the decision to turn around after increasing numbers of people on-board became ill.

The American aircraft flew for three hours over multiple airports in Iceland, Scotland and England and returned to Heathrow, flying over central London, the most densely populated part of Europe.

But the Brazilian flight made a quick emergency landing at the nearest airport.

N.B. Image credit: aa.com

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