Indonesia introduces ABC eGates

The new system has 2 eGates for international departures and 8 for international arrivals

Indonesia’s first Automated Border Control gates have been introduced at Jakarta’s Soekamo-Hatta International Airport (CGK).

Using the new biometric gate solution, passengers can quickly and securely transition through the immigration process by submitting their electronic passport and offering a fingerprint as authentication. The new electronic system allows electronic passport holders to bypass what is often a lengthy line at the traditional immigration counter.

The new system includes two gates for international departures and eight for international arrivals.

The system can only can be use by the country’s ePassport holders.

How it works

The gate scans the passport and the barcode on the boarding pass, verifies the fingerprint and takes a picture of the passenger.

Step1: The eGate scans the passport with the passport open to the page with the person’s photograph.

Step 2: The eGate scans the barcode on the boarding pass.

Step 3: The passenger presses their required finger onto a screen for scanning.

Step 4: The passenger faces a screen to get their picture taken. No dark glasses or veils that cover the face are allowed.

Fingerprint biometric identification provider BIO-key International partnered with Oakwell Engineering Limited to introduce the eGates.

Maryoto Sumadi, spokesperson for the immigration office:

“This is a step forward. With these auto gates protected by biometric technology, Soekarno-Hatta has made itself an international airport with sophisticated technologies.”

N.B. Image credit: Soekamo-Hatta International Airport

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