Toulouse to conduct NFC field trials for BlackBerry smartphones

New venture between RIM, Orange and SITA in cooperation with Toulouse

A new venture between RIM, Orange and SITA in cooperation with Toulouse-Blagnac airport in France will take 50 frequent flyers and have them partake in NFC trials throughout the airport.

rp_nfc-230x207.jpgNFC technology allows easy access to a wide range of useful services. Using a wireless short-range connection a simple tap of the mobile device can validate a flight ticket, pay for goods or receive information about, for example, departure gates, flight changes and other relevant information.

Arriving at T-B airport, the passenger’s mobile phone will now act as their security pass for a dedicated, priority path through the airport. Passengers on the trial will be able to access the P1 car park using their smartphone, which will hold details on the parking lot in the memory. Then, without delay, they will be granted access to Departures via the Premium Access Zone. Thereafter, they’ll be able to enjoy the comforts of the “La Croix du Sud” private lounge without needing to present additional credentials.

En route through the airport, passengers on the trial will receive real-time information related to their flight (schedule, departure hall, boarding gate, etc.).

The trial testing of NFC in the Toulouse-Blagnac airport is just a starting point for further NFC usage within airports as a whole. The trial testing information will ultimately be put to use in an upcoming smartphone application planned for 2013-2014.

Using NFC technology offers many advantages

  • it is extremely secure
  • it works even when the mobile is powered of
  • it does not require any specific application to be loaded on to it
  • it is not affected by reading problems due to a scratched or dirty screen surface.