Royal Jordanian selects Viasat for inflight Wi-Fi

Will be installed on more than 40 aircraft

Royal Jordanian Airlines has decided to install high-speed inflight Wi-Fi from Viasat on more than 40 aircraft across different types.

In line with the airline’s plan to increase and modernize its fleet, Royal Jordanian Airlines will install the systems on its new Embraer E2, Airbus A320, Airbus 321 and Boeing 787-9 fleets.

The airline also plans to retrofit its Boeing 787-8 widebody aircraft with the advanced Wi-Fi solution.

The connectivity service is designed to provide passengers with a high-quality online experience, including:

  • fast internet speeds
  • streaming entertainment possibilities
  • real-time communication capabilities
  • productivity options designed to keep passengers and crew connected throughout the flight

The in-flight Wi-Fi will be available on various flight routes in the Middle East and beyond, with the Embraer E2 fleet handling short-haul flights, the Airbus A320 family aircraft serving medium-haul routes, and the Boeing 787s continuing to fly Royal Jordanian Airlines’ long-haul routes.

Viasat says it’s systems combine throughput capacity with the ability to flex that capacity to meet demand where it is highest and most concentrated. By doing so, it provides a consistently high quality, high-speed, and content-rich in-flight Wi-Fi experience, even during times of peak demand.

With anticipated flight routes across the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa, Royal Jordanian Airlines is expected to leverage Viasat’s high-speed, high-capacity Ka-band satellite network, including, once launched and in service, the ViaSat-3 constellation.

Samer Majali, Vice Chairman / Board Designee CEO of Royal Jordanian Airlines:

“We are committed to providing our passengers with a superior in-flight experience. By introducing high-speed streaming Wi-Fi on our new fleets, and even installing it on some aircraft of our existing fleet, we are enabling state-of-the-art connectivity while in-flight, and providing passengers with an enhanced and curated entertainment experience. We are looking forward to introducing the first Wi-Fi on board our E2 Embraer Jets arriving by the end of this month.”

Don Buchman, VP and GM of Commercial Aviation at Viasat:

“As Royal Jordanian Airlines looks to enhance its passenger experience for the future, we are proud to be part of enabling a next-level experience through fast and resilient connectivity wherever Royal Jordanian Airlines flies. We have worked closely with the team at Royal Jordanian Airlines to develop a solution that will match its goals and provide an advanced experience for passengers. We look forward to a successful relationship for many years to come.”

About Royal Jordanian (RJ)

Royal Jordanian Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Jordan with its head office in Amman, Jordan, operating scheduled international services from its main base at Queen Alia International Airport at Amman Jordan.

Routes: Royal Jordanian flies more than 500 flights each week to 45 destinations in 29 countries.

Fleet: Royal Jordanian currently has 26 aircraft of various types:

  • 7 Boeing 787-8
  • 2 Airbus A321
  • 9 Airbus A320
  • 3 Airbus A319
  • 3 Embraer E195
  • 2 Embraer E175

The airline has orders for:

  • 20 Airbus A320neo
  • 6 Boeing 787
  • 6 Embraer 175/195

Numbers: About 3.5 million a year.

Alliance: Oneworld

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