Fiumicino Airport opens bag drop at Rome Termini train station

Passengers flying with ITA Airways out of Rome Fiumicino can check-in and drop their bags in the centre of Rome.

Aeroporti di Roma is providing the new free service, ‘Airport in the City’, for ITA Airways passengers departing from Leonardo da Vinci’Airport on the same day, with check-in and drop-off for checked bags.

Passengers can check in and drop off their checked bags at the train station, Roma Termini, at least three and a half hours before their flight’s departure time, every day from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm, and then collect them directly at their final destination airport.

It means that passengers can enjoy the city hands-free in the last few hours before their flight. No need to go back to the hotel or baggage storage and at no cost.

Image: Roma Termini

For the initial trial period, ‘Airport in the City’ is only available to passengers travelling with ITA Airways on flights departing on the same day from ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ Airport to any destination (except the US and Israel).

The airport plans to extend the new service to other airlines in the future.

Roma Termini station – Location

Roma Termini is the largest train station in Italy and among the largest ones in Europe with around 200 million visits each year.

The ‘Airport in the City’ counter is located inside the shopping area of Termini Station, near Via Giovanni Giolitti 16 and close to the Mercato Centrale and platform 24.

From there, passengers can take the non-stop service connecting the station to Fiumicino Airport, a trip that takes just 32 minutes.

Sustainability and Aeroporti di Roma

The new service supports Aeroporti di Roma’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The airport is a member of the Pact for the Decarbonisation of Air Transport – the Italian ecosystem for a roadmap to Net-Zero.

The vans transferring bags from Roma Termini to Fiumicino are fuelled by sustainable fuel produced 100% from renewable raw materials, helping to decarbonise transportation.

Supplier – OACIS

An Australian company called OACIS is supplying the system.

The OACIS system uses cloud-based technology to remotely integrate with airline check-in systems. The baggage is then securely transported to the airport and placed in the baggage system for security screening.

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