Etihad to have Flying Nannies

UAE-based Etihad Airways has launched a new flying nanny service on board long haul flights.

UAE-based Etihad Airways (EY) announced it has launched a new flying nanny service on board its long haul flights to provide a “helping hand” to families and unaccompanied minors.

Identified in bright orange aprons, the flying nannies will be attending to children through various interactive activities such as introducing children to animal character series by Etihad – Zoe the bee, Jamool the camel, Kundai the lion and Boo the panda.
Etihad Flying Nannies

Other such activities include teaching arts and crafts such as creating special greeting cards, making use of service items such as paper cups which can be made into hats and the Japanese art of origami to fold paper into sculptures.

During the past two months 300 Etihad Airways cabin crew members have completed enhanced training for the role from Norland College. A further 60 will be trained in September and 500 Flying Nannies will be working across Etihad Airways flights by the end of 2013.

Besides attending to the minors, the flying nanny programme will also keep older children occupied with simple quizzes and challenges as well as taking them on tours of the galley during quieter moments of the flight.

Singapore Airlines’ budget offshoot Scoot recently introduced a child-free “silent” zone, following AirAsia X’s quiet zone, which bans children under 12.

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