Ryanair now on Google Flight Search

Ryanair flight information available on the search engine’s Flight Search tool.

Ryanair has announced a deal with Google to make its flight information available on the search engine’s Flight Search tool.

Ryanair fares are now available on Google Flight Search.Using Google Flight Search.  Passengers in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain (as well as Canada and the USA) can quickly find and compare flights to and from any of Ryanair’s 186 airports in Europe and North Africa, view prices in their local currency and then book these low fares directly with Ryanair.

Google’s Flight Search feature also allows users to:

  • explore possible destinations and view live ticket prices by surfing on an interactive map
  • browse and filter flights by price, airline, flight duration or date selector
  • see a simple list of the most relevant flights, which are listed in order of price

Ryanair’s partnership with Google Flight Search is the latest in a series of customer service improvements, already introduced or coming in the next months, including:

  • allocated seating
  • a second “small ladies handbag or [a] small airport shopping bag” onboard
  • 24-hour post-booking “grace period” allowing passengers to fix minor errors, such as spelling mistakes for free, avoiding the usual £70 per person charge
  • a new Ryanair.com homepage and booking flow
  • mobile boarding passes
  • business and family products
  • a new mobile ap
  • an entire Ryanair.com website overhaul

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said:

“Customers can now view Ryanair’s lowest fares on Google Flight Search, browsing by country, date or flight duration and can book these low fares directly on Ryanair.com through Google Flight Search. ”

Google’s David Robles said:

“Research suggests that users tend to visit around twenty different sites before they book a flight. Google wants to help improve the travel experience by drastically reducing the time wasted on researching and booking flights.”

The airline is also trebling its annual outlay on marketing, with plans for a television advertising campaign later this year.