Revamped JAL Sakura Lounges at Haneda

Goal is peace of mind to customers before they board

JAL has announced the opening of the new Sakura Lounges at Haneda Airport from March30, 2014, coinciding with the improvement of international network and expansion of international terminal.


Based on a new concept, JAL provides a spacious environment with the goal of delivering peace of mind to customers before they board their planes.

Outline of facilities

(1) The scale of facilities

Coinciding with the terminal’s expansion, we have enlarged the area for Sakura Lounges about 2.5 times more than before. (314 seats in the main hall and 271 seats in the Sky View)

(2) Basic concepts

In cooperation with Mr. Kundo Koyama, the general advisor of new JAL products and services, and created by Mr. Ryu Kosaka, the famous interior designer from Japan, JAL aims to deliver the “Heart of Japan” and “Japanese Hospitality” to customers with its revamped lounges.

The redesign-based on the concept of “Modern Japanese Style”-shows off a classic, cultivated style with abundant Japanese elements such as latticework, sakura cherry blossom motifs and pieces of art. Under the theme of “room to room”-creates various space, the new Sakura Lounges provides a spacious environment and delivers peace of mind to customers.

lounge 1

Sakura Lounge (main hall)

Sakura Lounge (main hall) is located at the center of departure area with two floors. Its entrance and dining room are on the 4th floor, and the 5th floor where customers can enjoy scenery of the runway and downtown. Business corner is available for customers who want to have a private place to work. New massage chairs installed in the lounge enable customers to relax themselves before they board their flights.

lounge 2        200

Sakura Lounge-Sky View

Sakura Lounge-Sky View located at the expanding area of terminal (on the 5th floor). Customers can look out on to a view of the domestic terminal and downtown from the big windows.

(1) Sky Hill

With an attempt to have a good view of outside scenery, the difference in height has been created between the floors, Customers can overlook passing airplanes from every seating.

lounge 4

(2) Bar counter and large art with world map motif from Mr. Souun Takeda

New bar counter with large art created by Japanese calligrapher Souun Takeda delivers a cultivated spirit of harmony.

lounge 5

(3) Creating variety of plentiful room

Under the theme of “room to room”, when entering the interior of lounge, the design of furniture and carpet is changed. The room is divided by latticework to create a peaceful environment and variety.

The new lounge also provides relaxing and private area with sofa seating ad massage chairs.

lounge 6      lounge  7

Additionally, the new lounges increase the number of shower room and newly establish multi-function restroom with locker room and nursing room, including the make-up corner provided in the ladies’ room.

Dining in the Sakura Lounges

Popular “JAL Lounge Curry” and the bread from “Masion Kayser” are continually provided. Additionally, the menu of buffet will offer various dishes regarding the season and time.

Commemoration of Sakura Lounges opening ceremony

(1) Sakura soap will be given to Sakura Lounge users as a souvenir on March 30, 2014.

lounge  8

(2) In collaboration with star chefs from JAL BEDD-SKY AUBERGE, limited amount of original “Temari” sushi will be served in the new Sakura lounge between March 30 and April 14, 2014.

9v         10

Chef Shimomura, Chef Yamamoto, Chef Kono and Chef Yamada                             “Temari” sushi

(From left)

 JAL First Class Lounge

JAL is preparing to revamp its international First Class Lounge at Haneda. The area for new First Class Lounge will be three times more than the current one on the 4th floor. The updated lounge is scheduled to be opened by the end of August.

The priority corners in Sakura Lounges are available for customers who are eligible for using JAL First Class Lounge before the revamped lounge is opened.