Transaero A380s – 652 seats

Highest seating density of any A380

Passenger experience is about to get a new test as Russian airline Transaero announced that its A380s will have 652 seats – easily the highest seating density of any A380.

Transaero-aircraftThe airline will have a 3 class layout. This means Transaero’s A380 will also have more seats than any other commercial aircraft.

  Typical seating

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Air France,516,
British Airways,469



Each of Transaero’s four aircraft will be configured in three classes of service – Imperial (First), Business and Economy.

Imperial class

The A380 aircraft will feature 12 closed suites with luxury seats, which extend into full-flat beds. Separation and division from neighboring seats will be possible using retracting blinds, which will ensure privacy and comfort in each personal area. The seats in Imperial class will be the largest in their class and will be upholstered with fabric glittering with shades of gold.

Additionally, it will be possible for both a passenger and his/her personal flight attendant to remotely control the electric window shades. Moreover, each suite will have an external light indication system in order to provide a comfortable and high level of servicing.

The Imperial class cabin will be located in the front of the aircraft on the lower deck and will feature 1-2-1 seat configuration.

Business class

Business class will accommodate 24 cocoon style seats, upholstered with high quality fabric, which may be easily transformed into 180-degree flat beds. The Business class cabin will be located in the front of the aircraft on the upper deck in 1-2-1 configuration.

The Imperial and Business class cabins will be fitted with mood lighting creating an ambience for passengers by changing colors during different stages of the flight.

The spaciousness of the double-decker allows the carrier to locate bars in Imperial and Business class. Transaero, in line with its existing services, has planned special cloakrooms for passengers in these classes.

Economy class

Economy class will accommodate 616 seats and will be located on the lower as well as on the upper deck. The seats in this class will be upholstered with high quality leather featuring 3D effect. The seat pitch in Economy class will be 31-32 inches complying with the airlines’ global standards. The seats will be configured in 3-4-3 rows on the lower deck and in 2-4-2 rows on the upper deck.

Transaero has chosen to configure the A380 aircraft with a capacity of 652 seats, following the results of an analysis of the current market demand for products of different classes of service. Particular attention was paid to passenger comfort which was reflected in the decision on the best possible number of seats in each cabin.

Inflight entertainment

Transaero Airlines А380s will be fitted with the most advanced high-speed in-flight Internet access available and Ka-Band mobile communication system based on satellite technologies. It will ensure up to 12 Mb/sec data speeds for each passenger.

The Airbus 380 aircraft will be equipped with the advanced entertainment system Panasonic eX3. It will allow passengers to watch HD films with surround sound, live broadcasting of major TV channels and will also provide access to a wide range of Internet services.