Free inflight Wi-Fi from Japan’s Skymark Airlines

Panasonic eXConnect Wi-Fi will provide passengers with free in-flight Wi-Fi service

Innovative Japanese airline Skymark is to offer its passengers free inflight Wi-Fi from Panasonic.

Skymark Airlines is to offer free inflight Wi-Fi

Japan’s third largest airline got a lot of publicity when it revealed the cabin attendant uniforms for its A330-300 fleet.

Now it is getting even more attention with the announcement that it is to offer its passengers free inflight Wi-Fi.

Skymart has chosen chosen Panasonic’s  global connectivity service, eXConnect, to provide the service.

For domestic routes, Skymark (BC) will introduce this free service on its fleet of new Airbus A330s.

They will also expect to offer this same free-of-charge Wi-Fi experience on their international A380 fleet that will be initially flying to North America.

Mr. Shinichi Nishikubo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Skymark Airlines said, “Our customers love in-flight Wi-Fi, and today, we are taking a strategic step forward to ensure that our passengers can be both entertained and productive everywhere our aircraft fly.  We look forward to launching this extremely exciting service with our partners at Panasonic Avionics.”

Paul Margis, President and Chief Executive Officer for Panasonic said, “We continue to see rising demand for connectivity from airlines across the globe because today’s travelers expect to be perpetually connected — even when they fly.  We are honored to have been chosen by Skymark to support their unique business model and their vision for in-flight entertainment.”

Skymark Airlines

Skymark is a low-cost airline headquartered at Tokyo Haneda, operating scheduled passenger services within Japan.

In addition to its base at Haneda, Skymark is the dominant carrier at Kobe Airport and is also the only domestic airline operating at Ibaraki Airport north of Tokyo.

Skymark Airlines started service in September. It carries about 6.73 million passengers per year with 32 aircraft.

The fleet consists of thirty 737-800 and two A330-300.

Two A380 are on order and are expected to be used for flights to North America.