Free in-flight texting and voicemail from Gogo and T-Mobile

Posible on 2,000+ aircraft including Delta, American, United, US Airways, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines

Gogo has announced a new partnership with T-Mobile to deliver free in-flight texting and voicemail to their customers on all Gogo equipped U.S. airline aircraft.



Beginning September 17, T-Mobile customers can exclusively use this new in-flight service on more than 2,000 commercial aircraft operating in the U.S.

The deal allows customers of the Un-carrier to send and receive text and picture messages as well as visual voicemail using their own smartphone and phone number over Gogo’s in-flight Wi-Fi system−completely free of charge.

“One of our goals is to engage the entire plane with our connectivity enabled products and services, whether that’s by helping to keep passengers productive, entertained or simply connected to friends and family on the ground,” said Gogo’s president and CEO, Michael Small.  “By offering T-Mobile customers the ability to freely text and receive voicemail in flight, we are engaging a certain segment of the plane who might not want a full connectivity session, but still wants to reach out to their network on the ground.”

To access the free messaging and voicemail services, T-Mobile customers will need to have their Wi-Fi Calling-enabled phone in airplane mode and connected to Gogo Wi-Fi.

From there, they simply launch their browser, verify they’re a T-Mobile customer, and follow the instructions.

Making just one Wi-Fi call prior to flight will activate Wi-Fi Calling−which must be activated on their phone prior to the first use of the free in-flight Gogo Wi-Fi service.  T-Mobile customers can find a list of compatible smartphones – with more being added all the time – at

“Today, we’re extending T-Mobile’s coverage all the way to 30,000 feet – and well beyond the reach of any carrier network,” said Mike Sievert, Chief Marketing Officer of T-Mobile. “And, with Gogo, we’ve got the best partner possible, the undisputed king of in-flight Wi-Fi. Together, we’re keeping T-Mobile customers connected throughout the flight with unlimited texting and voicemail – for absolutely no additional cost.”