Indianapolis customer service robot

The robot will complement its guest services desk but not replace it

Indianapolis has rolled out a passenger service robot to help answer passenger questions. The robot will complement its guest services desk but not replace it.

The mobile platform will allow IND Guest Services staff in any location to check on and interact with passengers throughout the terminal via its on-board iPad.

For example, the robot will allow staff to dynamically assist passengers from a central location while communicating with them in real time. The unit could also be used to help resolve issues during unusual events outside of normal Guest Services hours.

The robot has a member of IND staff guiding it remotely around the baggage claim area greeting passengers and looking for anyone who needed assistance. The robot looks like a miniature Segway, but with a blue customer service shirt and an interactive iPod on top showing the face of the employee piloting it.

Think Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory episode where he became a virtual presence device.

Mario Rodriguez, executive director for the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA):

“Great customer service comes in many forms. The Double Robot adds a cutting-edge tool that our staff can use to extend the award-winning service that consistently makes IND the number one airport for service quality in all of North America.

There are currently a number of robots working at airports doing all sorts of stuff from cleaning floors to giving passengers advice on gate numbers to actually taking passengers to the gate.

But, our favourite is Sheldon.

Image credit: Indianapolis Airport

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