Delta will have 5 seating options from March 2015

Providing passengers with spectrum of options

Delta has turned the seating arrangements into five options.

Delta-aircraftStarting March 1, 2015, Delta passengers can choose between:

  • Delta One, formerly BusinessElite, is offered on long-haul international routes; also between New York-JFK and Los Angeles or San Francisco*
  • First Class is offered on short-haul international and domestic routes
  • Delta Comfort+ offers an upgraded experience on all two cabin aircraft around the world
  • Main Cabin experience is provided everywhere Delta flies offering a high standard of customer service
  • Basic Economy offers Main Cabin service with fewer flexibility options available in select markets.

Glen Hauenstein, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer said, “We’re providing Delta customers with a thoughtful, well-defined spectrum of options as they make decisions about travel. Whether a customer prioritizes the perks of Delta One or the value of Basic Economy, every seat comes with impeccable service and unmatched reliability.”

Delta will have 5 seating options


The Basic Economy fare  gets passengers a confirmed seat on the flight but doesn’t allow them to pick a seat in advance, change travel plans, fly standby and puts them at the back of the boarding line. Additionally, passengers who purchase the no-frills fare won’t be able to purchase or receive complimentary upgrades, Economy Comfort seats, or Preferred Seats.

Next step up is Main Cabin seating, which comes with options like advanced seat selection, the ability to change flight plans for a fee and standard cabin service. Under the revamped offering Main Cabin passengers on “long-haul international routes” will receive complementary alcoholic beverages and sleep kits with eye shades and ear plugs.

Next up is the current Economy Comfort option, which will be renamed to Delta Comfort+, where customers will now receive complimentary alcoholic beverages, premium snack options, and wider access to in-flight entertainment on flights over 900 miles. Additionally, passengers flying between New York’s JFK airport and Los Angeles and San Francisco will receive a pillow and blanket along with a snack wrap or frozen yogurt.

Delta’s current Business Elite cabin will now be branded Delta One and offer the same service currently afforded to passengers, while the carrier’s domestic first class will be called simply First Class.