Gøteborg orders self bag drops from DSG

Latest in recent successes for Norwegian company

DSG Systems has announced an order from Gøteborg Landvetter for 12 of its self bag drop units. 

This is the latest in a series of recent successes for the Norwegian company.

Earlier this month they had an order from Stockholm Arlanda for 6 extra self bag drop units. These are in addition to the 28 already ordered by Sweden’s largest airport.

Last month DSG had an order for 6 self bag drop units from Billund in Denmark  and in November Swedish airport Malmo ordered 10 units.

DSG Systems has installed more than a hundred self bag drop units in over eight different countries, and is now one of the leading suppliers of bag drop solutions in Europe.

At Göteborg Landvetter Airport, DSG face a challenge with the actual installation because the attachment surrounding the SBD units, are made of granite stone. There can be no screws or bolts used and if the SBD units are removed in the future, the stone has to be as it was. DSG Systems will customize the client needs, and design an own special solution to fit the airport requirements, regardless these challenges.

Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport:

‘’This gives our passengers a greater opportunity to manage their own time, when they are out travelling. Our hope is that this will reduce queues and provide a smoother flow at the check-in’’.

‘’This is a natural step forward, when the ability to self-check in and receive their boarding card by various mobile solutions is common among airlines. Now it is possible to control your baggage handling yourself, if you want to’’.

The Göteborg self bag drop units will be delivered in the first quarter of 2015.

N.B. Image credit: dsg-systems.no

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