Heathrow noise “seriously underestimated”

Airport still not using accepted formula to calculate noise

Politicians show ‘gaps’ in Heathrow proposals

Heathrow noise has been "seriously underestimated"The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Heathrow and the Wider Economy says that Heathrow noise has been “seriously underestimated”.

The group launched its report ‘Noise from Heathrow Airport’ which sets out how Heathrow noise has been “seriously underestimated” by Government, Parliament and the Aviation Industry.

The report considered the present and future from Heathrow’s flight paths, with the current two runways, and the proposed 3rd runway.

APPG found a substantial list of gaps in Heathrow’s proposals and has produced a list of actions for the Government, Airport’s Commission and HAL that are necessary to tackle the existing problem and that are central to the consideration of any 3rd runway.

These include:

  • the need for noise to be measured using the WHO formula
  • the need for full information about future flight paths, and respite periods, so residents are properly informed
  • proper estimates of numbers affected by noise in future, taking into account the anticipated growth in population in affected areas
  • reduction in night flights

Heathrow wants 4th runway

The APPG notes that HAL’s CEO has confirmed to the APPG that a successful 3rd runway would pave the way for a 4th runway.

Opposition to Heathrow expansion

Well over a million people in London and the South East oppose a third runway at Heathrow.

Almost every local authority opposes Heathrow expansion.

All Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Heathrow and the Wider Economy

The APPG exists to scrutinise the arguments around Heathrow expansion, and will publicly report on the findings.

The group will initially focus on three main topics; noise, surface transport and the economy.

The group is truly cross-party and has 23 members.

The chairman is Zac Goldsmith, the MP for Richmond Park.

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