Bergamo installs sleeping pods

The zzzleepandgo pods offer dedicated space for resting and sleeping.

Bergamo Airport in Italy has become the latest airport to introduce sleeping pods.

The pods, called zzzleepandgo, offer dedicated space for resting and sleeping and are ideal for passengers who have a few hours to wait for a flight. They are available twenty-four hours a day.

They include a bed and a desk for work, are sound-proofed and also have luggage storage, free wifi, screen with up to date flight schedules , and USB and 220V power sockets.

When a passenger enters the pod the sheets are changed automatically and the interior is sanitized.

The internal environment is constantly sanitized and air is kept fresh and clean through an automatic diffusion of ions natural antioxidants.

Passengers can book remotely using a special app or at the website, as well as directly on a device positioned on the outer wall of the pods. Payment is by credit card, debit or prepaid card. The cost is 8 Euros for the first hour, 6 EUR per hour thereafter.

On leaving the room, the passenger selects the “checkout” on the external device and the system will calculate the interval between check-in and check-out, applying the corresponding rate and sending the invoice to the email address of the customer.

The zzzleepandgo pods have a bed and desk.
The zzzleepandgo pods have a bed and desk.
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