Perth to use common use check-in

Airlines at airport could benefit from a 26% reduction in passenger processing costs.

Perth Airport has announced a new long-term partnership with Amadeus to implement a common use check-in system using cloud-based technology.

The announcement claims that the system, called ACUS, will have two clear benefits:

  • airlines at Perth Airport will benefit from a 26% reduction in passenger processing costs
  • will improve the passenger experience at Perth by increasing efficiency and offering modernisation such as using tablets and mobile devices for check-in and boarding

Airlines can use the platform from a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device, and passengers can be checked-in and have boarding passes printed from any location.

Ground handlers will also be able to handle passenger processing for multiple airlines at the same time from any gate or terminal and from any device.

Any combination of applications can be hosted without any constraint or limitation on the actual workstation or device.

The common use platform will also simplify user training, allowing for the rapid deployment of new employees.

The infrastructure and hardware reduction also means that Amadeus’ environmentally-friendly platform is expected to help Perth Airport reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and improve its environmental footprint.

Rowan Chalmers, Perth Executive General Manager Operations and Customer Experience:

“Moving to the Amadeus’ cloud-based common use system means we will be able to cut passenger processing costs by more than 25 per cent for our airline partners. That was a key consideration when selecting this new and innovative system.”

John Jarrell, Head of Airport IT, Amadeus said:

“Airports across the world are under pressure to think differently in order to handle increasingly significant numbers of passengers, and modern technology has a huge role to play. The deployment of ACUS is only the beginning of our partnership with Perth Airport, and we look forward to continuing to work closely together.”

ACUS stands for Amadeus Airport Common Use Service. Amadeus is a European company that offers various airline system services and has been trying for some time to get into the airport market.

This partnership between Amadeus and Perth follows the launch of ACUS at Innsbruck Airport in February and the deal signed with The Avinor Group in June to adopt ACUS in the airports it operates in Norway.

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