Recharge free at Frankfurt Airport

More than 5,000 power sockets and USB ports are available for free use

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to recharge your personal electronic devices at Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

The two terminals boast a total of around 5,000 power sockets and USB ports that you can use to charge your computer or phone absolutely free—and the airport is busily adding to this offering.

For example, all of the gate areas are currently being equipped with “workbenches” where passengers can work comfortably while accessing the Internet until it’s time for them to board their flights.

Passengers will also find power outlets between the rows of seats in the waiting areas. The airport’s four relax zones feature many power sockets and USB ports. And many restaurants, some electronics shops, the nine smoking lounges, and a legion of Oracle “power towers” all over airport also let you conveniently recharge your devices.

The continuous expansion of free power sources is yet another element of Frankfurt Airport’s “Great to have you here!” service quality program launched by Fraport AG (the owner and manager of FRA) with the aim of continually enhancing the travel experience at Germany’s largest aviation hub.

The Frankfurt Airport App 2.0 and free 24-hour Wi-Fi Internet access offered in the passenger terminals are just two examples of the successful services being offered under this program.

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