AeroMobile launches world’s first inflight 3G service

airberlin is launch customer.

AeroMobile has launched the first inflight 3G network.

The inflight 3G network operated over Panasonic’s Ku service enables a quality and range of services much closer to those experienced on the ground.

Faster browsing, bigger attachments, quicker posts, more responsive apps and gaming all lead to a better connected cabin experience taking connected travel into a new era.

While 3G has been established for some time on the ground, deploying 3G over a satellite network is a challenge, both technically and commercially.

How it works

  • Passengers switch on their phone, making sure Airplane Mode is off
  • They turn on Data Roaming
  • The phone will automatically connect to the AeroMobile network
  • Passengers then receive a welcome text from AeroMobile. They are also likely to receive a text from their home mobile operator with pricing information. International roaming rates apply.
  • Then can then use their mobile phone to call, text, email and surf the internet
Aeromobile diagram showing how an onboard network works.

The first 3G connected flight was on airberlin, from Dusseldorf to Curaçao in the Caribbean, on 17 November 2015.

The German airline’s entire fleet will have AeroMobile’s 3G service installed with its A330-200 the first aircraft to currently enjoy the higher speeds the technology provides.

AeroMobile will start to roll-out 3G connectivity across other partner airlines in the months ahead.

Kevin Rogers, CEO of AeroMobile:

“After enabling the first ever inflight connectivity with a mobile phone on a commercial aircraft in 2008, it’s extremely exciting that we now offer passengers 3G connectivity – another world first. This provides a significant change to the speed of connectivity for passengers using their phones inflight and supports their desire to always be connected”.

AeroMobile is a mobile network operator, with over 320 roaming agreements with operators in 146 countries.

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