São Paulo Viracopos implements ABC eGates

Increase in passengers needs automated solutions

Viracopos International Airport in São Paulo has implemented Vision-Box’s ABC eGates

Viracopos (VCP) is the third busiest airport of São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, after Congonhas (CGH) and Guarulhos (GRU).

Having reached a record level of passenger volume in 2015, with an annual 10.3 million passenger movements, the airport decided to introduce ABC egates for arrivals and departures to process passengers faster.

The ABC solution means faster identification through ABC eGates that ensure both passport authenticity and biometric verification through an automated and self-service process.

Since they have been deployed, the eGates installed at the Arrivals and Departures areas of the airport have processed more than 9000 passengers, each taking 15 seconds on average.

This represents a considerable reduction from the usual manual time  – around 3 minutes.

In terms of security, the new platform guarantees an enhanced level of trust in passenger identification and represents significant improvements in the efficiency of the airport’s border control processes.

The supplier is Portuguese company Vision-Box.

Federal Delegate Carlos Fagundes Vieira, responsible for Airport Security Police in Viracopos:

“ABC eGates will reduce the time spent by the passenger in immigration control; the entry and exit of Brazilian citizens in the country will be faster.”

Leidivino Natal da Silva, General Director of Vision-Box Latin America:

“One of the trend of special interest in the aviation industry is currently to refine security processes in order to increase reliability and sustainability. Viracopos International Airport is highly aware and decided to focus on the solution that brings higher levels of innovation and orientation to passenger experience! As an Airport that hosts millions of people per year, the offered platform is the key to optimize passenger flow, to reduce the existing operational costs, as well as to reduce the queues and waiting times, so the passenger may enjoy the retail areas as well as other airport’s attractions.”

N.B. Image credit: vision-box.com

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