ABC eGates at Shanghai cruise terminals

Also five more ABC egates at Pudong International Airport

As well as using self-service for immigration at Shanghai Pudong airport, passengers can also now use the self-service clearance system at cruise ports.

On January 3, the first cruise ship of 2016, Costa Serena, called in at Shanghai Wusongkou Cruise Port, and over 1,000 on-board passengers became the first to enjoy the benefits brought by self-service channels.

The self-service channel has been introduced due to the increasing number of passengers.

26 self-service clearance channels at both Shanghai International Passenger Center and Wusongkou International Cruise Port were introduced in December 2015 for a a trial period.

Using the system means improved clearance efficiency and has eased the workload of immigration officers.

Shanghai Pudong Aiport Terminal 1

A further five self-service immigration channels have been opened at Pudong International Airport’s Terminal 1.

The additions take the number of machines in the terminal to 10, while there are a further 15 within Terminal 2, the entry-exit frontier inspection station said.

The e-gates allow passengers to complete the immigration process by scanning their electronic entry permit cards.

The ABC e-gates can be used by passengers to Shanghai with Chinese e-passports and Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents and foreigners holding permanent residence permits.

Beijing Railway Station

Beijing Railway Station started using facial recognition technology to identify passengers last week, according to ECNS.

Passengers with a second-generation identification card and a blue magcard ticket can use the new automated check-in. They must stand in front of a screen to have their picture taken and then wait for approximately three seconds for it to be verified.

To use the system, which is still being tested, passengers are required to remove masks, sunglasses and hats. The system should improve the accuracy of the check-in process, the report said.

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