GEE and Hughes bring Ka-band to North American Airlines

Will use the high-throughput Ka-band EchoStar XIX satellite, planned for launch in late 2016

GEE and Hughes Network Systems announced an agreement under which Hughes will deliver satellite connectivity for GEE’s next-generation, multi-band airborne services.

They will use the high-throughput Ka-band EchoStar XIX satellite, planned for launch in late 2016, to meet the ever-growing demand for higher performance in-flight connectivity over North America.

In conjunction with the deployment of Hughes’ JUPITER System aeronautical modem, capable of over 200 Mbps of throughput per aircraft, GEE’s newest addition to its aeronautical broadband connectivity services will enable passengers to realize the full spectrum of application support and performance they enjoy on the ground.

The announcement expands a successful 10-year relationship between GEE and Hughes.

Dave Davis, chief executive officer of GEE:

“With the rapid growth in demand for aeronautical broadband capacity and the commensurate expectations for increasing performance, we are extremely pleased to add the capacity and capability of Hughes’ EchoStar XIX satellite to our array of resources.

“In combination with Hughes’ JUPITER System technology, which enables extremely high throughput to aircraft and supports operation in both Ku- and Ka-Band satellite frequencies, this agreement enables GEE to deliver the highest capacity and most reliable performance that our clients need and expect well into the future.”

Paul Gaske, executive vice president and general manager, North America Division at Hughes:

“Hughes is pleased to expand our long-standing relationship with GEE with high-performance Ka-band capacity on our EchoStar XIX satellite. When launched, EchoStar XIX will be the highest-capacity satellite serving North America and, in conjunction with our JUPITER System technology, will enable GEE to readily accommodate the tremendous growth in aeronautical broadband traffic that is taking place in the industry.”

Hughes says its JUPITER System is the “cornerstone technology of the market-leading HughesNet Gen 4 satellite Internet service”—with more than one million active users—which was recently ranked first among all major internet service providers in the U.S. (both terrestrial and satellite) for consistently delivering promised download and upload speeds, according to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) fifth annual report on consumer broadband services, “Measuring Broadband America – 2015.”

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