Morocco selects Veridos for biometric border control

Veridos will provide fixed and stationary equipment

Morocco has awarded Veridos with the design and implementation of a national border control system at land border posts, airports and sea ports, including the entire IT infrastructure necessary for the project.

Veridos will provide stationary equipment for fixed border posts and mobile systems for border control at various locations.

The border control solution for Morocco is based on the Veridos verification platform VeriGO, which enables the integration of pre-existing infrastructures and databases.

Documents will be checked using VISOTEC Expert 600 passport readers.

Veridos is also providing Morocco with Automated Border Control (ABC) eGates that are based on ABC technology currently in use across Germany.

Veridos is also providing more than 140 Veridos mobile border control kits that can be used on cruise liners, for example. The kits contain a laptop, a DERMALOG fingerprint scanner, and VISOTEC Expert 600 passport readers.

Passenger data, including biometric data such as face and fingerprints, can be captured by the system managing the entry and exit date. This makes it relatively simple to check for visa violations (visa expiry), generate reports, and perform statistical analyses.

Labinot Carreti, Senior Vice President Sales at Veridos:

“With several stationary border control sites, about 1,600 border control work stations, the set-up of a central site, a disaster recovery site and regional servers, this project is a perfect example of what Veridos’ complete solution portfolio has to offer. Our expertise as the implementer of the new ICAO PKD system also means that we can provide ICAO PKD integration support to Morocco.”

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