Australia now runs checks on all outward passengers

Airlines get a ‘board’/’no board’ message in real-time

Automatic advance security checks now being run on all passengers exiting Australia.

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (the Department) is now running automated checks on all passengers departing the country.

Called Outward Advance Passenger Processing (APP) the checks provide interactive advanced passenger information (i-API),was put in place following legislation enacted by the Australian Government to help improve Australia’s border integrity and national security.

As part of these measures, airlines are required to provide data for all passengers departing Australia in advance of their flight. The airline transmits each passenger’s data to the Department during check-in, receiving in response a ‘board’/’no board’ message in real-time.

Passengers who are pre-cleared for departure through this process are allowed to quickly self-process through passport control by using the SmartGate in Australia’s international airports.

In addition to providing a more streamlined departure process using automated e-gates, the process also facilitates the identification of passengers who may be a security concern ahead of departure.

The system enables the Department to receive passenger data from the airlines with enough time to pre-process passengers before they arrive at the border.

John Gibbon, Assistant Secretary Traveller Branch at the Department:

“Outward APP delivers a faster and more seamless experience for travellers, while meeting our business needs to manage threats and ensure the integrity of Australia’s border.”

The supplier is SITA. SITA’s iBorders system provides real-time, integration between the airlines’ systems and the Department’s border management systems.

SITA’s work with the Department started as a trial with a limited number of airlines. Full implementation coincided with the commencement of the Foreign Fighters legislation amendments and today the Outward APP program includes all airlines and all flights out of Australia. In total, 47 airlines are now fully certified and running around two million transactions a month through the Australian Outward APP program powered by iBorders.

N.B. Image credit: Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection

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