Curaçao installs ABC eGates from Vision-Box

ABC eGates are for arriving and departing passengers

Curaçao International Airport has installed Automated Border Control eGates from Vision-Box for both arrivals and departures.

The eGates, two in the departure hall and six in the arrivals hall, are available for all passengers (for visitors for a period of max. 3 months), over 18 years of age, and who are in possession of an American, European or Canadian passport with chip.

The Automated Border Control eGates are based on self-service: on approaching the eGate and selecting their flight, passengers validate their passports using an innovative document reader feeder.  After that, they simply look at a camera and a biometric photo of their facial features is automatically taken, verifying the photo against the information stored in their passports’ chip. No further process or direct interaction with Border Officers is needed.

The system links to the new electronic Embarkation / Disembarkation system and integrates with the AODB flight list supplied by the Curaçao Airport Partners and with the Border Management System of the Curaçao Police Force for improved real-time passenger background checks including API (Advance Passenger Information) on arrival.

The Caribbean airport is experiencing an exponential growth in the number of leisure and business passengers and plans to expand capacity in the near future from 1.6 to 2.5 million passengers a year.

KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean coordinated the project from the ground.

N.B. Image credit: Vision-Box

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