Iberia Express to equip all its aircraft with inflight Wi-Fi

Iberia Express passengers use their own devices to access the onboard content

Iberia Express is to install inflight Wi-Fi on all its aircraft this summer.

The onboard e-commerce and entertainment platform was successfully tested on half the fleet in 2015 enabling Iberia Express passengers to experience the system as part of regular service.

Outfitting the remainder of Iberia Express’ fleet is expected to be complete before summer 2016.

The system is free on Iberia Express and passengers can read newspapers, magazines, guidebooks, destination offers, make reservations (car rental, hotels, tickets…), and enjoy a wide range of audio-visual content for all ages.

To enjoy the service, passengers use their own device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) that can connect to the aircraft’s network.

In addition, passengers can also download the Immfly app and take with them the content they downloaded during the flight.

Connection to the Iberia Express Immfly entertainment system does not involve connection to the Internet, so devices are not able to download external content or have instant messaging and e-mail functions.

Kontron provides the complete set of hardware products necessary to implement the Wi-Fi network onboard the aircraft. It supplies airborne servers, wireless access points and communication units.

There are currently more than 3.500 commercial aircraft and business jets operating worldwide with Kontron equipment on board.

Immfly’s application software offers more than 100 types of sponsored entertainment (including TV programs, newspapers and news channels) along with travel guides for the principal European destinations.

N.B. Image credit: iberiaexpress.com

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