Frankfurt Airport launches video to highlight services

FRAbot has call of nature at Frankfurt

Frankfurt Airport has launched a new installment of a humorous video campaign to highlight the extensive range of services for ensuring a pleasant and entertaining passenger experience.

The campaign resumes the saga of a remarkable passenger who investigates the latest developments at Frankfurt Airport on behalf of the millions of passengers from all over the world who pass through the airport. Having flown to Frankfurt from a distant planet, he is pleasantly surprised by the airport’s many amenities, services and facilities.

Frankfurt Airport first welcomed this passenger from outer space back in December 2015, when he touched down on the apron and morphed from an aircraft into the “FRAbot”. He then proceeded to meet the call of nature, like many other passengers after landing.

Frankfurt airport is currently investing to modernize and upgrade its sanitary facilities, among other things.

The video showing his spectacular arrival went viral; it has already been viewed over 5.3 million times on YouTube:

Mike Peter Schweitzer, Media Relations department at Fraport:

“Our aim is to acquaint our passengers and fans with what Frankfurt Airport has to offer, while taking a surprising and entertaining approach. To attract as much attention as possible, we’re continuing this tongue-in-cheek campaign about the exploits of our well-known intergalactic hero, while initially keeping ourselves in the background. And with amazing success! More episodes will follow.”

In the first clip, our special guest is relaxing from his long journey in one of Frankfurt Airport’s free yoga rooms:

Thomas Kirner, Fraport’s Service Quality department:

“During the weeks ahead our versatile robot will check out the world of experiences that passengers access while spending time at the airport. In four more clips, the FRAbot will test the quality of the services at Germany’s largest aviation hub and explore ways to make the time they spend here even more interesting and entertaining.”

The robot’s many fans can look forward to astonishingly different, creative glimpses of the airport. Nor is that all: they are also invited to join a search for a new name for this extraordinary visitor (starting on July 7, 2016 on Facebook).

Passengers and visitors can find more information on the wide range of services at and on the airport’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.

N.B. Image credit: Frankfurt Airport

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