Air New Zealand passengers can use Bluetooth gate to gate

First airline in South Pacific to offer facility

Air New Zealand will allow passengers to use Bluetooth devices gate to gate across its entire fleet starting 21 July.

Passengers flying on any domestic or international flight will be able to operate Bluetooth devices from the departure gate to the arrival gate, provided they are set to flight mode.

This means passengers can remain connected with their wearable Bluetooth tech like Apple watches and Bluetooth headsets, as well as operate a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard during cruise.

Use of Bluetooth devices gate to gate will be limited to common lightweight, handheld personal electronic devices, or for large PED devices during cruise. High-power industrial devices are not permitted to be used on Air New Zealand aircraft.

The airline secured approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand following comprehensive testing conducted across its fleet.

Air New Zealand says it is first airline in the South Pacific to allow passengers to use Bluetooth devices during the entire trip on all its aircraft.

N.B. Image credit: Airbus

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