Dave the Goose shows Aussies a better way to fly

ANZ wants Aussie pax to the US

Air New Zealand has a new ad campaign targeted to get more Australians to fly with them to the United States and South America.

And they have used a very unusual and funny advert to help.

It features a migrating goose flying on Air New Zealand instead of 19 days with his own wings.

The goose doesn’t have to fly on a plane but he really likes Air New Zealand.

The Air New Zealand idea is to find their most challenging passenger (the Aussies) and target them directly.

If you can get a goose to fly long-haul with you, then an Aussie should be more convinced.

Dave the Goose is Air New Zealand’s newest ambassador, voiced by Australian acting stalwart Bryan Brown.

It’s all part of the carrier’s bid to ambitiously be taken into the hearts and minds of Australians.

Enjoy the new ad from Air New Zealand.


N.B. Image credit: Air New Zealand

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