Guam introduces 8 APC self-service kiosks

Use of self-service kiosks simplifies entry process

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport in Guam has introduced eight Automated Passport Control (APC) self-service kiosks in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection immigration hall.

The use of the self-service kiosks will simplify the entry process by automating the administrative functions with a 2-step process making entry faster and processing more efficient for both the customs officer and the passenger alike.

Instead of filling out a paper customs declaration form, eligible passengers use the kiosks and follow the onscreen prompts. After completing the initial processing, passengers are issued a receipt that is turned over to customs officials along with their passports to finalise their entry inspection.

Key benefits include:

  • Four times more passengers processed per border officer
  • Up to 89% faster for eligible passengers than typical border inspection processes
  • Up to 33% faster for non-eligible passengers
  • Up to 50% less space required than traditional entry booths

Rising numbers of visitors to Guam mean the island has to take steps to anticipate the increase and to ensure the tourist experience is as good as it can be.

In 2014, the number of passengers arriving by air was about 1.3 million.In 2015 that number had risen to almost 1.4 million.

2016 is expected to be about 1.5 million and by 2020 the island is expecting almost 2 million passengers.

Guam’s kiosks come from Innovative Travel Solutions, the innovation team at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). They have provided over 1,000 kiosks at 32 airport and seaport locations around the world.

Pedro Roy Martinez, Acting Airport Executive Manager:

“We’re very excited to launch these new kiosks in our Airport, availing of new technology in our constant quest for self improvement to the benefit of all users of our Airport. These APC systems will definitely help alleviate some of the lengthy processing times giving all travelers through our Airport, especially visitors to our island, a much better arrival experience.

“Addressing the long processing entry lines has been a priority of the Administration along with the Airport and the Guam Visitors Bureau. With these new kiosks in place, the proverbial ‘light at the end of tunnel’ is visible now and we’re excited to welcome airport customers to this new service!”

Craig Richmond, President & CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority:

“We are excited to support Guam and the Pacific Region in improving the airport and travel experience for its passengers. With the implementation of BorderXpress at Guam International Airport, YVR continues to redefine the way travelers think about the border process, by reducing wait times and making it as smooth and hassle free as possible.”

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