ABC eGates installed at St. Pancras rail station

e-Gates installed on French side of border

Automated Border Control (ABC) e-Gates have been installed at the French border of St. Pancras International rail station.

The ABC e-gates from Vision-Box aim to make the immigration process from the UK into continental Europe faster and more efficient. The project sees cooperation with Eurostar, the French border police (DCPAF) and the French Ministry of Interior.

With an estimated 20% expected increase in traffic levels in the coming years (and over 26,000 passengers/day at borders between the peak late afternoon hours of 4pm and 7pm), the eGates allow a speedy experience for passengers while maintaining high levels of security.

The eGates can be used by all passengers from the EU, the EEA and Switzerland over 18 years old and holding a valid electronic Passport. The solution ensures an effective biometric verification based on facial recognition: a swift and reliable identity check can be carried out between the passenger at the border and the e-passport presented, through a comparison of the image taken by the biometric capture device installed on the ABC eGates against the photo stored in the passport chip.

Mikaël Lemarchand, Director of Stations at Eurostar:

“Eurostar’s mission is to deliver a memorable experience to our customers. At every single touch point of their journey with Eurostar, whether in business lounges, on board the brand new trains or at border controls in our terminals, the customers are offered delightfully easy solutions. That is why we selected Vision-Box to accompany us on this very innovative journey. The results of this close collaboration are now visible in London St. Pancras, with the Automated Border Control solution in place enhancing the daily experience of our customers. We are now planning the next chapter to deploy automated border controls throughout the Eurostar network, in Paris and Brussels.

Miguel Leitmann, CEO and Founder of Vision-Box:

“The first statistics of usage are overwhelming in terms of adhesion and positive feedback of both travellers and Police officers. Once again, it is very much about creating a dynamic collaboration, facilitate multi-cultural understanding, and focus on the balance between two major aspects: the absolute need for higher security at the border, and a passenger-centric experience that serves the public interest to the benefit of our client. We are extremely proud to be part of this adventure, contributing to a safer world whilst improving everyday people’s lives.”

Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport ABC e-Gate trial

Vision-Box is also participating in a PARAFE II trial pilot, based on facial recognition, with Aéroports de Paris Group (ADP) at Terminal 2F of Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport.

N.B. Image credit: Vision-Box

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