Airbus and Routehappy to show more details during flight booking

Passengers will be able to see difference in products

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus and merchandising platform Routehappy have announced a collaboration on product differentiation for flight bookings.

By using the The Airbus Routehappy alliance, participating airlines will be able to present their individual product offerings with comprehensive descriptions, images, and videos and to give the passenger an opportunity for comparison.

The idea is that passengers should finally be able to actually see the product they are buying when they book a flight.

Here is an example of what passengers can see.

Until now, booking platforms have only differentiated route offerings based on flight time and price.

Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Lufthansa Group, Singapore Airlines join as “launch partners”

Bob Lange, Airbus’ Head of Market and Product Strategy:

“Study after study shows the ever-growing importance of the inflight experience for the more than 3.5 billion people who travel by air every year. In a 2016 survey Atmosphere Research Group found that 53% of leisure passengers and 61% of business passengers pay attention to the type of aircraft they will fly on. And yet passengers have little information to go on when booking their flights. Finally this is changing.”

The hub is starting with details of A350 and A380 aircraft and is expected to expand to additional airlines and Airbus aircraft later this year.

N.B. Image credit: Airbus

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