Australia to introduce next generation Automated Border Control eGates

105 eGates from Vision-Box could eliminate passport checks at the airport for known passengers

Australia is introducing a new generation of Automated Border Control eGates from Vision-Box.

The Portuguese company will deliver 105 new ABC eGates, called SmartGates in Australia, with more to come later. The eGates use facial recognition technology.

They will also deliver a new capability that will enable known passengers to self-process through the border without the need to physically use a passport, entirely relying on facial recognition technology.

This contactless technology means that “known passengers” could enter Australia without producing their passports when arriving in the country.

The new ABC eGates will also enable passengers from more countries to be processed using facial recognition.

Australia first introduced ABC eGates (called SmartGates) in 2007 at Brisbane Airport. They were supplied by French company Morpho and eventually were added to all eight major Australian international terminals.

In 2015, the Australian Government selected Vision-Box to provide the ABC eGates (SmartGates) at all Airports’ departures.

About 40 million people cleared Australia’s borders in 2016 and the figure is expected to reach 50 million by the end of the decade.

Miguel Leitmann, Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder of Vision-Box:

“This contract represents an unparalleled milestone in the history of automation at the border, since it is the first time a government will implement biometric identification through contactless services.”

Vision-Box operates over 2000 automated border control solutions in more than 80 international airports, ports and land borders and has over 4000 electronic identity systems deployed across the globe.

N.B. Image credit: Vision-Box

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