MIA adds Mobile Passport Control to its app

Eligible passengers submit details to U.S. CBP via the app and get a barcode on their phone to present for clearance

U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors arriving at Miami International Airport (MIA) can more easily clear U.S. Customs as Mobile Passport Control is now included in MIA’s mobile app.

Eligible passengers can now use the MIA Airport Official app to submit the necessary details to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and then receive a barcode on their phone to present for clearance. The service does not require pre-approval and is free of charge.

MIA is the first airport authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to integrate Mobile Passport Control into its mobile application. Previously, passengers had to download the separate Mobile Passport Control app if they wanted to clear passport control using a  mobile device.

How it works

After first-time users of MIA Airport Official create and save a profile, those traveling with family will have the option to create multiple profiles and include them in their submission to CBP. Passengers will be asked to provide airline information and answer five questions about their travel itinerary.

Upon submitting the answers, the app provides users with a digital receipt (barcode) to be used at dedicated Mobile Passport Control entry lanes.

U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors arriving at MIA who have downloaded the app will be automatically prompted by the app to complete the CBP process upon arrival. Passengers can also set an in-app reminder to submit their information upon arrival. Pending customs declarations are saved within the app and accessible from the home screen.

The service was developed by SITA and they offer it as an SDK (software development kit). The SDK has been authorized by CBP for airports, airlines and other travel app providers to incorporate the entry process into their own mobile app.

MIA Airport Official 2.0 is available for free at the iPhone and Google Play app stores. The app’s location-based features require Bluetooth, location services and Wi-Fi network settings to be turned on.

N.B. Image credit: Miami International Airport

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