TUI suggests holidays based on customer emotions

System reads facial expressions as customers look at images and videos

TUI has unveiled a prototype that reveals how customers could be using their subconscious to choose holidays in the near future.

The travel company revealed a new facial recognition machine that measures how people feel as they watch videos and suggests their ideal holiday.

Customers sit in a chair, called Destination U, and look at a screen showing pictures and videos of destinations and activities. Cameras read their facial expressions using computer vision and machine learning techniques.

The system measures emotions including happiness, surprise, confusion, sadness, disgust and scared.

A unique algorithm computes every subtle facial response to a rapid series of evocative moving images of destinations and experiences, and uses that data to calculate a ‘perfect holiday’ prescription.

Nick Longman , TUI UK MD:

“This prototype, which is now well into testing, takes customer understanding to a new level, tapping right into the psyche to help our customers discover their perfect, personalised holiday experience. The Destination U prototype enables holidaymakers to intuitively unlock different travel possibilities and think about options they may not have considered before. As TUI we will offer more customer choice than ever and we want to shape the future of travel using innovations like this, and our considerable expertise and knowledge, to design perfectly personalised experiences and a new way to holiday.”

The system comes from Realeyes, a company that specialises in facial coding and emotion measurement.

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