Mexico introduces Automated Border Control kiosks at 3 airports

100 ABC kiosks rolled out at 3 airports

The Federal Government of Mexico is strengthening border control by automating the entry process with the introduction of Automated Border Control kiosks.

The new kiosks will use biometric technology to capture fingerprints to verify passengers’ identities and improve national security.

100 kiosks have been rolled out across three major airports – Mexico City, Cancun and Los Cabos.

To start with, the ABC kiosks will be used to securely identify passengers as they enter the country. In time, they will facilitate the full admission process for Mexican citizens and those non-citizens who do not require a visa for entry.

Arriving passengers will use the kiosks to provide standard travel information to the authorities, place their hand to be scanned for fingerprints and then once their identity is verified against the INM (National Institute of Immigration) database they will be given the all clear to enter the country.

Automating the entry process will help speed up passenger processing while maintaining high levels of security. Studies show that ABC kiosks can reduce the time passengers spend in line by as much as 40%.

SITA is the systems integrator across the project delivering to the needs of all the Mexican authorities and the private enterprises in the various locations.

The full rollout across Mexico City, Cancun and Los Cabos International airports is now complete and the 100 kiosks are expected to securely process close to eight million arrivals in the first year.

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