GOL starts self bag drop at Rio for domestic flights

Next up is São Paulo–Guarulhos

Brazil’s largest airline, GOL, has introduced a new self bag drop system at Rio de Janeiro International Airport.

GOL passengers can use the new self bag drop units at Terminal 2 to self drop their bags for domestic flights.

The new system uses self bag drop units from SITA, called Scan&Fly, that fit into existing airport check-in desks.

To use the self bag drop units passengers must first check-in and obtain a boarding pass.

When they get to the self bag drop unit, they put the bag on the belt, scan their boarding pass and wait for the baggage tag to print. Then they attach the tag to the bag, and (hopefully) remember to take the receipt. The bag drop kiosk calculates the size and weight of the bag and refers a passenger with oversizes to a person.

Sergio Quito, Vice President of GOL Operations:

“GOL has always pioneered the use of innovative processes. Self-service is important for us because it improves the customer experience and helps streamline our operations. SITA’s self bag-drop technology provides what we look for – it is fast, reliable and easy to use.”

Elbson Quadros, SITA Vice President, Latin America:

“Our goal is to use technology to improve the passenger experience and to make airline and airport operations more efficient. Our self bag-drop solution does exactly that. We are proud to have GOL as the first airline to adopt this technology in Latin America.”

Once the system is proven at Rio, GOL plans to introduce it at São Paulo–Guarulhos, presumably also for domestic flights.

SITA Scan&Fly units are from Dutch company Type22, which SITA bought in 2015.

N.B. Image credit: Wikipedia.org

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