Gatwick helps blind and visually impaired passengers navigate the airport

Passengers get help using smart phone camera

Gatwick is the latest airport to introduce a service that helps blind and visually impaired passengers navigate the airport using their smart phone.

Using the camera on the passenger’s mobile phone, passengers can get help from a professionally trained agent  who will guide them through the airport, help them read documents or flight information, shop or even find their bag on the luggage carousel.

The free, on demand service can be accessed, 24 hours a day, through the aira app on a smart phone and will help to give blind and visually impaired passengers more independence to move through and enjoy the facilities at the airport.

The system is being trialled for six months at Gatwick in partnership with the airport’s biggest airline easyJet which is helping to fund the trial to improve accessibility for blind or partially sighted passengers.

Once downloaded onto a mobile phone, the Aira system is straightforward and simple to use and the trained agents can help passengers to find specific airport locations such as boarding gates, shops and restaurants – or the airport’s special assistance facilities.

The system can also be used to get the latest information on a passenger’s individual journey plans such as flight information and onward connections or to read menus in restaurants, prices and offers in shops or even help finding baggage on reclaim belts.

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