JFK Airport Terminal One Group to roll out biometric boarding

Will use facial recognition eGates from Vision-Box

New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport Terminal One Group has announced plans to introduce biometric boarding.

The plans mean that passengers will board using facial recognition and will not need to show their passports or boarding passes at the biometric egates.

A self-service biometric boarding solution will be implemented in Terminal 1 to offer a more convenient, faster boarding process. International passengers will be allowed to board their aircraft using biometric eGates, which will recognize them by their face. The platform will match the live faces with previously enrolled and stored ones.

Terminal One is the home of 26 international carriers including Lufthansa, Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines and, which comprise the Terminal One Group Association (TOGA), terminal owners and leaders of the program.

After taking part in the Los Angeles Airport proof of concept, Lufthansa will be the first to use the technology at JFK Terminal One, their largest USA operation.

JFK Airport and Terminal One Group Association (TOGA), plan to use a seamless biometric-based passenger management platform as a strategic long-term growth pillar.

The cooperation agreement was signed earlier this week with Vision-Box.

TOGA Executive Director Steve Rowland:

“Biometric self-boarding is one of our top priorities – improving the passenger experience and enhancing security and safety for all those who travel at JFK Terminal One. We are proud to pilot this unique, paperless, biometric boarding process, and CBP and Vision-Box have been tremendous partners in this effort.”

Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box CEO:

”We believe JFK Terminal One is another leading example of delivery of a contactless travel solution able to modernize key aviation processes through our Orchestra™ platform. We empower airports to provide a seamless travel experience to their passengers and offer real value to their airline partners. Vision-Box is delivering to the US Government the data required to control a safe and secure border.“

Vision-Box Technology and Solutions Director for Americas, Igor Oliveira:

“The new solution at JFK Airport will mean significant improvements in efficiency, capacity expansion, security and guest experience. This comprehensive solution includes self-boarding eGates, smart cameras and a secure orchestration platform that connects all assets, data and stakeholders to guarantee a seamless, frictionless process. We are grateful for the outstanding support by the partners of the initiative, namely the carriers. Travel will become as seamless and attractive as collaboration in the broader aviation ecosystem gets this active and prolific.”

N.B. Image credit: Unsplash.com

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