Bengalura Airport gets touchless virtual information desks

Service is currently available in English, Kannada and Hindi

Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru has introduced touchless virtual information kiosks.

Passengers using the virtual Information Desk can have a real-time conversation with airport staff located remotely, over touchless video kiosks.

Passengers can use the kiosks at four locations round the clock for information related to airport facilities, flights, food and transport.

This service is currently available in English, Kannada and Hindi. Terminal personnel have been trained to manage passenger queries in all three languages through the virtual platform.

Airport and airline staff will also be available to provide information and assistance to passengers, as required. 

Bengaluru touchless trip

Bengaluru rolled out the touchless trip from parking-to-boarding in May 2020.

Some of the key areas include DigiYatra (biometric-based self-boarding), self bag-drop, touchles check-in, retail and F&B, as well touch-free hand sanitisers.

N.B. Image credit: Bengaluru Airport

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