Montenegro Airlines ends operations

Montenegro Airlines last flight was on 25 December 2020

Montenegro Airlines has been closed by the Montenegrin government due to rising and unsustainable losses.

The final flight was an Embraer 195 from Belgrade to Podgorica on 25 December 2020.

About 350 people will become redundant.

Unlike many EU countries Montenegro is not baling out its national airline. Montenegro has applied for EU membership. Earlier in 2020 the European Commission expressed concern over government finance. Seems to be all right to bale out Air France, KLM, Lufthansa etc. 

Indeed the European Commission has just approved a Greek state grant of €120 million for flag carrier Aegean Airlines.

About Montenegro Airlines (YM)

Montenegro Airlines was the national airline of Montenegro. Founded in 1994, it was headquartered in Podgorica. It operated scheduled and charter services throughout Europe from its hub at Podgorica Airport (TGD). It was closed on 26 December 20202 by the Montenegrin government due to rising losses.

Routes: Montenegro Airlines flew regular traffic throughout the year, to Paris, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Zurich, Rome, Vienna and Moscow. From April to October, it also flew to London, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, St. Petersburg, Lyon, Leipzig, Munich and Hanover.

Fleet: The airline had 4 aircraft at the time of closing:

  • 3 Embraer 195
  • 1 Fokker 100

Alliance: None

N.B. Image credit: Montenegro Airlines

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